Air Conditioning

For your home...

With the change in climate so comes a change in the cooling and heating requirements needed to live comfortably.

At Arctic we design, install and maintain air conditioners for the domestic market too.

We install high efficiency inverter-driven systems that provide maximum performance from a small power input, which ensures consistent room temperatures and eliminates the need for stop/start cycles.

As an alternative to gas or electric, heat pump systems are now widely used across the UK and Europe in order to supply domestic hot water and under floor heating. In fact, many new builds and renovation projects are turning to heat pump systems such as the Daikin Altherma or Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan, as they are a reliable and cost-effective solution to maintaining the domestic climate.

For your business...

Keeping the climate controlled in your office, hotel, restaurant and/or shop is important as an environment that is too hot, cold or damp can seriously affect the way we work and operate, greatly reducing our working efficiency and also has the potential of ruining customer experiences.

In recent years, design styles for intelligent buildings have increasingly featured large areas of glazing, with attendant high solar heat gains that can only be dissipated by means of air conditioning. Not surprisingly therefore, air conditioning has grown in importance and is now widely accepted as an integral component of most modern architectural concepts.

The ideal modern system must be energy efficient, easy to install, flexible, reliable and user friendly. Fresh air must be supplied without increasing energy consumption. Arctic design and install systems that meets all these demands.

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