It is the policy of Arctic to promote the importance of planned and regular maintenance.

A proactive maintenance schedule carried out on refrigeration / air conditioning equipment will result in:     

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Lower Running Costs
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Reduction in Service Calls

Arctic offer a reliable planned preventative maintenance facility on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

We consider protection of the environment a major issue and responsibility of the refrigeration industry     
Global warming and depletion of the ozone layer is occurring, in part, to the direct effect of releasing refrigerants into the atmosphere over a number of years by poor engineering techniques etc, or the indirect effect of poorly maintained refrigeration equipment being allowed to operate inefficiently.

The FGAS regulation states it is the responsibility of the end user of the equipment to ensure the system is operating efficiently records are kept of refrigerant quantity, additions, leak tests and only certified competent contractors are used to maintain the system.

It is illegal to release refrigerant or to knowingly top up or leave a system in service with a known refrigerant leak.

Our engineers have been trained and are qualified in refrigerant handling. Removal and disposal of refrigerants to the correct waste handling authority with all relevant certification and traceability of the waste.

We offer advice on phase-out dates and legislation to ensure the end user is fully aware of their responsibilities.

We Supply options for existing harmful refrigerants and the options available for replacement to natural, hydro carbon or ozone friendly Refrigerants.
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