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Offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, keeping your climate controlled can increase your individual output at work.

An environment that is too hot, cold or damp can seriously affect the way we work or operate, greatly reducing our working efficiency.

A study has shown, performance tends to start dropping off at    22°c, whilst falling dramatically above 26°c, also accidents are more likely to happen during these extreme temperatures.

The optimum environmental range would be around 20/21°c with a relative humidity of around 45%.

Arctic specialise in the maintenance of this environment. From design concept to completion.
We can offer you a more comfortable working life.

In recent years, design styles for intelligent buildings such as hotels, banks and offices etc. have increasingly featured large areas of glazing with attendant high solar heat gains that can only be dissipated by means of air conditioning. Not surprisingly therefore, air conditioning has grown in importance and is now widely accepted as an integral component of most modern architectural concepts.

The increasing use of electronic office equipment raises thermal loadings still further to a point whereby, even in winter, internal temperatures can reach uncomfortable levels. The demand for cooling or heating can also vary considerably through-out the day depending on the number and occupation of personnel on the premises. But end users have come to expect far more than just cooling and heating from their air conditioning.

The ideal modern system must be energy efficient, easy to install, flexible, reliable and user friendly. Fresh air must be supplied without increasing energy consumption and the role of central management facilities should also be considered in this respect for medium to large sized buildings. Arctic design and install systems to meets all these demands.

VRV - Inverter Heat Recovery

  • For simultaneous heating and cooling operation from one system.
  • Heat recovery is achieved by diverting exhaust heat from indoor units in cooling mode to area requiring heating.
  • The BS unit switches the system between cooling and heating modes.
  • Ensures maximum comfort.
  • Utilising the latest ozone friendly refrigerant R410-A.

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